"Ever since I can remember, I have had a great passion for food.  As a little chubby kid, I used to spend afternoons watching my Grandma cooking.  My Mother was a very busy woman with 3 kids, so I spent a lot of time at my Grandparents' house.

My family is originally from the Tuscan coastal town of Massa - very famous for the statuary white marble that can be found on Carrara’s mountains.

Grandma Fina used to prepare all sorts of Massese specialties, such as Tordelli, a king of ravioli filled with meat and a hint of cinnamon, as well as Pasta e Fagioli.

Instead of playing outside with the rest of the neighborhood kids, I liked to wait for food treats while Fina was cooking.  I annoyed her so much that one time she demanded I leave the kitchen, using a very convincing argument… a rolling pin!

As I grew up, my mother directed me to the culinary school in my town.  At that time it was the most advanced cooking school in all of Italy.  So I attended and graduated, winning also a prize as one of the best students of my town.

My first few working experiences in the culinary field were disappointing, and right when I was resolute to move on with another profession, something exceptional happened that convinced me to give it another chance.

I came in contact with Giuseppina Mosca.  She was the Executive Chef of Relais&Chateax as well as the two starred Michelin Il Bottaccio Restaurant, in Montignoso town.  I worked there for five years, and eventually, I became the Executive Chef for Il Bottaccio private club on the shores of Massa.

At the age of 22 I moved to the country of Florence where I took the position as Executive Chef for Badia a Coltibuono.  This very famous winery also hosted cooking courses.  Dean Lorenza DeMedici retired and I took her position as teacher.  During the same period I also worked in the Middle Age Tuscan town of San Gimignano and in Siena.  In Siena I was F&B manager for one of the most prestigious Italian Hotel chains UNA Villa&Resorts.  I also opened the “Voliera Restaurant” for the Riftser-Monti Family.  The Monti family owns some of the most popular Italian news papers such as Il Resto Del Carlino and La Nazione.  I became a certified expert in truffles and a second level sommelier.

This Tuscan experience refined my skills, making me understand the fine relationship between the ingredients, the tradition, and the people.  Sourcing local genuine ingredients soon became a primary goal in my profession.

I soon desired a change.  Through the cooking school at Badia a Coltibuono I came in contact with many wine makers and foodies of the San Francisco Bay Area.  I eventually visited CA and fell in love.

I posted my resume on Craigslist and I was contacted by William Foss, owner of Fish. Restaurant in Sausalito.  He introduced me to Real Restaurant Group and I took the position of Executive Chef for TraVigne Restaurant in Saint Helena, Napa Valley.

I eventually worked at Fish. Restaurant.  Bill Foss was a main figure in my American culinary experience, and with the advice of Kenny Belov, I became very conscious of sourcing sustainable ingredients.

In 2009 I moved to Long Island, NY.  I was in charge of Verace, True Italian operation for the Bolhsen Family.  John Bolhsen was one of the founders of the North Fork Bank.

Verace was very successful and I was rated one of the best emergent chefs of Long Island and best pizza by Newsday, the biggest LI newspaper.

I decided to move back to California at the end of 2010.  It was time for me to begin thinking of opening my own restaurant.

After once again being employed as Executive Chef for Fish. Restaurant, I began searching for a location of my own.  Thanks to Fish., my passion for ingredients fit the concept of sustainable sourcing, supporting small farmers and fishing vessels.  I was honored to work with such a wonderful team and this experience in Sausalito changed the course of my career forever.

In March 2012, I was driving down Highway 116 towards Bohemian Creamery with Bill Foss, my mentor and good friend.  As we drove through Forestville he pointed out an empty red building.  He explained it was once Mosaic Restaurant.  We stopped by and he showed me the backyard of this lovely place.  A few weeks later I signed the lease and Canneti was born.  Six months passed and Canneti shaped up with a new open kitchen, Carrara pastry counter top, custom made tables of a simple but sturdy design, and hand forged cooking equipment such as the grill-rotisserie and the fire pit.

Everything recalls my rustic origins, everything is made to last.  Turn of the century industrial looks mixes with a great passion for old fashioned motoring and touring.

Canneti Roadhouse Italiana opened its doors on March 2nd 2013."

-Francesco Torre

Significant Experiences, Awards and Publications: 

  • Guest Chef in 4 episodes of L’Espresso Newspaper "Le vie del gusto", by Romanelli
  • Chef for "50 wineries, 50 owners" Dinner de Gala, for the President of Chianti Classico association Emanuela Stucchi-Prinetti
  • Guest Chef at House Stemberg, Two Starred Michelin restaurant in Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Published in the book "Chefs of the wine", by Barbara Carbone
  • Top rated "not to miss" from the New York Times
  • 3 stars on the second most important LI paper The Pulse
  • invitation to cook at the James Beard Foundation