Crab and goose...mid-fall ingredients

New Ingredients and new Wines at Canneti Roadhouse Italiana.

The Food:

Crab is finally in season and we just received the first delivery from fishing Vessel Nouctila. These crabs are from 2 to 3lb, very tasty and it seems like it will be an exceptional Crab season.

After searching for 16 months all over the valley, we have finally found someone who raises geese! Salmon Creek Ranch is located in Bodega Bay..we invite every one to visit their stand at the Well's Fargo Farmer's Market. Roasted Goose with Tuscan Kale and Raisins will soon be available on the regular Menu and on the Tuscan tasting Menu.

The goal of Canneti Team is to offer hearty yet not banal ingredients and exclusive wines in a warm, inviting environment. The artisan work in the kitchen is presented to our Guests on Italian hand made plate ware by Vietri and Rosenthal, the wines are poured into Rocco Bormioli and the tables themselves are custom made by a local artist.

The Wines:

Following this philosophy, Canneti Roadhouse Sommelier and Proprietor Francesco Torre is selecting many small unpretentious but excellent wineries, along with the most acclaimed local and Tuscan wines. After Williams Selyem and Trombetta, we introduced into the wine list three Tuscan "musts":

Guado al Tasso, Tenuta di Bolgheri 2008 (Cab. Sauvignon, Merlot, Cab Franc and Petit Verdot), Sassicaia, Tenuta di Tignanello 2011 (Cabernet Sauvignon) and Solaia (Cab. Sauvignon, San Giovese and Cab. Franc).

Because of the high cost of all we craft in the house, the cured table setting and many other details you will notice in the house, Canneti is not able to comp any corkage or give any kind of discount. We void a corkage fee for every full bottle purchased from our list and we also offer a corkage free night every Wednesday. If you wish to know more about this topic please call Canneti at 707-887-2232 and ask for Francesco.


Grazie a tutti ed arrivederci!

Canneti Team


Posted on November 21, 2014 .