The Cuisine

Canneti prides itself on using the freshest local ingredients available to create a unique blend of Tuscan and Californian cuisine.


Farm to table

Today, Canneti thanks:

  • Walnut Keep Farm
  • Frog Lip Farm
  • County Line
  • Preston Farm
  • Foss Ranch
  • Ponzi Farm
  • F/V Resolution
  • F/V Seawave
  • Bohemian Creamery
  • The Blue Cottage Artisan Salumi


The Story

"Canneti is the name of a road I used to walk to go from my parents' house to elementary school.  I had a dream for a very long time, and when I moved to California years ago, I named that dream Canneti.  Here it is alive with its custom made rustic tables and stools, refinished wood counters and a Tuscan Country flair.  My cucina is a mix of many experiences, from a Relais & Chateaux two Michelin starred restaurant to a simple Tuscan Trattoria, a Louisiana Church BBQ to Long Island country style.  As Canneti came to life, I made the decision to offer just what I experienced myself in the first place.  So you will find just Tuscan and local wines in the wine list, and you will hear a true story behind every dish and decor decision". 

-Francesco Torre, Chef and Owner of Canneti Roadhouse Italiana